Dalewood has 2 x 35 Acre Open Paddocks of undulating rich grazing pasture. Each paddock has it’s own spring fed dam. There are large tree belts for shelter and shade, however mostly these paddocks are cleared. Dalewood ensures the paddocks are never overstocked so there is always plenty of grass for the horses all year round.

The Private Paddocks are 62m x 50m. Approx ¾ of an acre each. These paddocks have been limed and fertilised and rested for over a year to maximize the grass quality.

Post and Rail Fencing - Brand new 5 foot high fencing, 2 Rails (5x1 ½ hardwood), with 2 x stand off electric wires.

45 litre Automatic Watering Troughs - Each paddock is equipped with a single trough to avoid horses having to share water.

Loose Box – Combined 10x10 foot (3mx3m) Loose Box & 10x8 foot (3mx2.3m) lockable storage space. The storage space has swinging, vertical hanging rug racks.

Horse Safe Gates are also installed in each paddock. These consist of small mesh 50cm x 75cm to avoid feet getting caught and extra strong 90 mm galvanized piping with a cross bar for added strength. All gates are square at the top and bottom to avoid legs being caught between the gate and gatepost. All gates are fitted with horse safe ring clip latches.