There is a 20 meter diameter Round Yard, this consists of 5 foot high fences. These are 4 Rails of 5 x 1 ½ hardwood. A sand surface is in place.

There are Five Sick Paddocks available for use. Three of these paddocks have little grass in them, making them perfect for founder horses. The sick paddocks are all post and rail fencing.

A Worming and Vaccination Program is in place at Dalewood. All horses entering the property are wormed on arrival and then quarantined for 2 days before being allowed contact with the other horses. Worming is then strictly then every 8 weeks on the dates provided.

Every horse agisted at Dalewood must be covered for
Tetanus and Strangles.

If a proof of vaccination certificate cannot be produced, the horse must be vaccinated upon arrival, all horses are then vaccinated yearly on the worming date closest to the Christmas period.

Invoices and Receipts are supplied monthly. Payments can be made via Direct Deposit, Cash or Cheque.